Thursday, April 30, 2015

Mt. Harriet National Park

An interesting ride across the city to the Northern side of Port Blair brings us to the Haddo Jetty for a ferry crossing to Mt. Harriet National Park. This amazing Park boasts a good number of endemic species & I get some of my lifers from here. It is a gradual & very enjoyable climb walk up the the Forest Rest house that has a distinct colonial air with its wood paneling & ambience
Not a good photo of the Oriole

This flighty butterfly kept us all running after it - it is the Andaman Birdwing, one of the endemics

Green Imperial Pigeon

Andaman Green Pigeon, taken in harsh light & at quite a distance from the watch tower

The sea from the watch tower

Another view of the Andaman Green Pigeon

Andaman Bulbul

the more common Red-whiskered Bulbul

female of the Cruiser

Each to his own - left the common Myna & right the White-headed Starling - an endemic

Two endemics - Left the white Headed Starling & right the Andaman Woodpecker

Trying to catch em on my lens at Mt. Harriet National Park

above & below, when looking for birds, could not help catch some scenary too

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